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Tornado Grenades

Buy these grenades and outstanding product when your FUBAR, whip this baby out at your enemy. Ta-da! Success...
They are on the expensive side coming out to $100 per can. Damn it its a whole lot better than using ghetto rig shit. If you play airsoft or anything that relates holding a gun and shot the bastard. This my friend is for you! I've purchased the timer grenade, brown-shitty color. Here I apply a wonderful infomercial.

A new generation

Finally after saving money for a whole year of sept. '10 to now. Me and my sister went to best buy and bought myself a new desktop. I couldn't be more happy with myself and a little help from my sister for some of the cost I've couldn't covered.

It's an ASUS brand here the basic specs that came with it:

  • Intel® Core™ i7 processor
  • 8GB DDR3 memory
  • 1TB Hard drive
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 64-bit operating system
  • NVIDIA GT 530 graphics

I also want to make this dual screen capable with DVI ports. To make this happen l need to get another graphics card and upgrade the power supply. So my plans is to buy one XFX - ATI RADEON HD that has two dvi ports and one CPU Power supply that has 500-Watt since the Asus can with hold 330 watts. Wish I could install this myself but I would void my warranty, so I gotta let the geeks do it for me. After thats set my dream computer is complete.
But order to do this I need to save more money, that means open for commissions. After my tini tiny list i'll open again to help raise money for it.


Lost of interest

Lady Gaga me and you are over, Big time honey!

I remember your lame ass announcement saying this album is going to be better than the other two and etc. Well babe your last two songs sucked shit. I've told my self to give you another chance and you blew right out the god damn window. Fuck you its over. The only thing that well keep coming back to you is your Fame album. Probably the Best one yet and the first song that brought me to you was "just dance." So yes i'll always miss your old ways but the new has to go in my opinion.

My friend andre' was making me listening to adele so many times, her music is starting to sound amazing to me. "rolling in the deeeeeeeeeep" her stuff goes hard.
With that being said BEST BUY HURRY THE HELL UP! You've said you guys fixed it, when I brought it home it was freaking out really bad. So I hope this doesn't take as long. I got a lot of shit to do. DAYMN!!!


Finding a Truck

Gosh darn it, I've been searching on craigslist, ebay, ads for a particular truck. I'm trying to find a pen point matching truck thats similar to my dads. If someone could help me out that would be awesome and I would love you foreverz. Seriously peeps this means a lot to me, my dad had this truck for ages until he was in a major accident in which that lead the truck disintegrated. Ever since then me and my dad search Hi and Lo to look for the same truck. Even though he is not with us today I would love to get one just like my daddy's. :)

Its a;
Maker: Chevorlet/Chevy
Model: Silverado 1500
Extra: Extended Cab sport pick up.(doesn't have to be extended). STEPSIDE "Important" thats why its so hard to find it.
Color: If lucky forest green; if not either color is fine. I'll get someone to paint it forest green.
Year: Can be either a 2001-2002 model


Get ready....for some fun

Finish capturing some footage for my fan-made music video. Going to edit only :45 seconds of it and see your guys reaction. I'm also trying to find a good website to post the video too. I hate youtube at the moment because they tend to mute your shit for copyright. By tomorrow or the next day i'll post it soon as I can. ^^

Touch me Damn it

I CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO THIS SONG. >_______________________________>
"touch me gunther, like now you fucking bastard"

sorry for posting another entry. I can't help it :>

Video Idea

While sitting and pondering during class yesterday while my teacher was lecturing about the civilazation of Isam. I thought it would be fun to create a video such as a comedy or a music video. Though I do suck at making jokes, I guess the music video might have to do.

But what freaking should I do. I was going through all my music to see which one fits the best. So far no luck, ugggggghhhhh. I'm not to give up, sooner or later it will come to me.

Kean The Douchebag

Well here is my character I made up a while back, it did started out as my boyfriends new fursona but I choose not to.
He is in his mid twenties, bisexual (he has love for the ladies). Thats all I got. But here some commission I got from several artist on FA I would like to share with you guys. My sexy g-shep

Artist in order: Zenithfoxie, Eclipsewolf, WFA


18 years are gone

Some of you might ask why the long face Des? Why so depress? You alright? To answer all of your question.

Actually NO *lol*. My boyfriend Thomas and I finally end it early this week. I'm kind of too lazy to type in the details reasons for why the breakup. Right now, I don't care for relationships at the moment. Or even been in one for a VERY VERY LOOOONG TIME. Yes it Hurts a lot and it still does, some thats why i've been so quiet and bleh. Losing someone for 18 yrs thinking there is a ring at the end really sucks. :C Oh well life goes on right? I still think of him every moment. All I can say about this relationship that I've learned a lot, I hope he did too.

My final words, "I hope he changes his mind and thinks it through. Damn Tom listen to your heart for once."

Morgan Page

Why in load of poop I haven't heard of her and him before. Shame on me. She hook me so fast, I'm already falled in love with his music. Such a wondeful voice from the song "i'll fight for you" that I can sing in the shower. Me and my friends want to make a music video out of this song. Yay a shitty made video project during my winter break. GREAT SUCCESS! - Borat.